Bella and Bear

Named after the founder's two cats, the brand began with a vision of offering customers a luxury experience with cruelty-free products that are made with love.

Bella and Bear products come with a happiness guarantee and are 100% vegan, never tested on animals. Dedicated to sustainable business, all Bella and Bear products come in 100% recycled packaging and add a spark of joy and beauty to your day.

Vegan Owned and Cruelty Free Forever!

Bella and Bear Products

  • The Beginnings

    In 2014, Bella and Bear launched out of founders Kelly Campbell and Patrick Fitz-Gibbon’s spare room as a hobby. By 2015, the brand had over $1 Million in sales and Kelly and Patrick knew they were onto something. The brand was built on customer feedback and the highly engaged audience wanted more and more products that brought luxury to everyday experiences. Over the years the brand has evolved from affordable beauty accessories to consumable products based on the brand’s large following, feedback and interests.
  • Elevated Luxury Products

    The current line of skincare and bath and beauty products are based on what clients want: an elevated everyday luxury experience, a moment of peace and pampering and a beautiful pop of happiness. The brand's affordable prices invite customers to treat themselves without the guilt of overly expensive price tags and the high-quality products ensure customers keep coming back.
  • The Feel Good Factor: Socially Responsible Business

    Bella and Bear cares about doing business in a socially responsible way. Bella and Bear products help you feel good. The products bring joy and luxury to your life and you can be proud of your decision to support a 100% vegan and cruelty free brand. All of our products come in 100% recycled packaging, we are committed to socially responsible business. When our customers buy a Bella and Bear product, they’re casting a vote for the kind of world that they want to live in.
  • We Love What We Do!

    Bella and Bear love putting smiles on customer’s faces. We believe that everyone deserves moments of everyday luxury in their lives and our products help make our customer’s lives better. We make each product with love and proudly offer a happiness guarantee.
  • Growing and Expanding

    Since 2014, Bella and Bear continue to grow and partner with retailers and US-based companies and vendors. You can find Bella and Bear products at large retailers such as Rite Aid, Wegmans and HEB, as well as at thousands of stores throughout the USA. We’ve also proudly partnered with two major distribution service chains and love developing other business partnerships. To inquire about working together, please contact Lusso Brands.
  • The Future

    We are continually focused on new product development and retail partnerships. With hopes of expanding to the EU and the UK in 2022, Bella and Bear is excited for what the future holds. We love serving our customers and are dedicated to bringing everyday luxury to our customers.

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